Vancouver Event Lighting Rentals

At Kettner Creative, we specialize in providing event lighting services for meetings, conferences, and weddings.

We have found that our inventory of LED Furniture, Balloon Lights and Drape are exactly what event planners are looking for when they want to take their event to the next level.

We know what our clients need from a specialty lighting company in Vancouver and we exceed these expectations on a daily basis by delivering a product that is seamless, elegant, on-time, and on budget.

At Kettner Creative, we respect the fact that you need to deliver a high quality event within a reasonable budget. We pride ourselves making sure that every client is satisfied with the work that they receive. If you need proof, visit our audio visual testimonials page to see how we have turned our clients into raving fans.

Vancouver Event Lighting

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Inflatable Signage Ideas For Events

Event signage is both practical and creative. If you have a creative approach to the signage of your event it can leave a lasting impression on your guests while still providing the information that they are looking for. The key is to provide clear, concise signage directing your attendees and helping them find what they’re […]

Event Lighting

How Drape and Uplighting Can Transform an Event

Many of our clients have chosen to use pipe & drape and uplights to help transform a room for their special event. Commonly it’s used at weddings, corporate events and private parties. The before and after pictures on the right show just how impactful the effect can be! Hide Unsightly Walls Pipe & drape is an inexpensive way […]


How To Setup In Ear Monitors (IEMs)

In ear monitors are a practical solutions to improving the control that musicians and performers have over their monitors. Benefits of In Ear Monitors There are three main benefits of having an in ear monitoring system when you are on the stage: Reduced Stage VolumePortabilityClick Track By reducing the stage volume, you give your front […]

How To Setup A Wireless Microphone

How To Setup A Wireless Microphone

Once you’ve picked what wireless microphone is right for you, you’re probably wondering how to setup your wireless microphone system. The Shure ULX is a great example of a Wireless Microphone Kit. Before you get started, you will need the following equipment: Wireless Microphone ReceiverWireless Microphone / Transmitter2 x Antenna1 x XLR Cable1 x Power […]