Unforgettable LED Furniture That Will Impress Your Guests

LED Furniture has been exploding popularity over the last couple of years and it s a great way way to make a lasting impression on your attendees. If you’re planning an event that simply must “WOW!” your guests, then LED illuminated furniture may be what you’re looking for.

Vancouver LED Furniture Rental

What is LED Furniture?

Simply, LED Furniture is a way of incorporating almost any colour you can imagine into the furniture at your next event. The furniture itself is often made of strong opaque plastic with 1 or 2 LED lighting sources embedded throughout the body of the piece. The furniture will radiate a warm glow of the selected colour to create a memorable effect. These can be adjusted with the included remote for ease of use.

Curved LED Bench

Glowing LED Furniture comes in a variety of options. You can use it for seating, tables, decor, or as a bar. The plastic surface makes it extremely easy to apply vinyl decals if you want to enhance the sponsorship opportunities at your event or if you want to show some creativity in terms of enhancing the theme of your event.

The furniture looks great in the daytime without being lit. It’s clean white look can be stunning at a beach party or outdoor wedding. Then as the sun goes down, the furniture will come to life and add a ton of energy to your event.

Generally speaking, the LED furniture will be able to glow for up to 12 hours using the internal battery. This is enough battery time for most events, especially if you leave the furniture turned off during the day and save the battery for the evening celebration.

LED Seating

When it comes to seating, LED Illuminated Furniture comes in almost as many variations as traditional seating.

Chrome LED High Top Table

However, the most popular option for almost any event is the curved LED bench. The curved LED bench can be designed as a cluster of benches or as a winding bench that goes along an entire wall. You can make them all the same colour, or you can have each bench as it’s own unique colour.

LED Tables

Glowing LED Tables also come in many shapes and sizes, and  can create a stunning surprise and interactive opportunity for your guests. Most commonly, event planners choose either a Chrome Stand Hightop Table or a Round Hightop Table for their standing receptions. The illuminated furniture works well to gather guests together. Not only does the furniture gather your guests together, but it also offers a fantastic sponsorship/branding opportunity by allowing companies to sponsor various tables and screen print their logo on the top of each surface.

LED Cocktail Bars

LED Cocktail Bars are extremely popular. It’s hard to attend an outdoor wedding without seeing these put to work to serve the wedding guests. With the bar naturally being one of the most popular gathering places, it’s a great opportunity to make it bright and memorable. Again, if it’s a sponsored party or event, these are very commonly covered with a vinyl decal to show off the sponsor or brand that is important to the event. LED Cocktail bars are generally offered as two different versions; curved, or straight. Depending on the theme of your party, you can pick the bar that is right for you.

In addition to LED Cocktail bars, you can often find matching LED ice buckets in a variety of shapes and sizes.

16 Inch LED Cube
LED Décor Pieces

There are a ton of options when it comes to decor. Most commonly, people will rent LED Cubs, Spheres, and Eggs to enhance the theme of their event.

LED Cubes and Spheres can be customized for your event. Here are a couple examples:

  • Wrap an LED Cube with a bow to make it look like a faux Christmas present
  • Apply Circle Stickers to an LED Cube to make it look like a dice for a casino themed event

LED Eggs can make a great centre piece for any table, or any event. The ability to change colour can create a striking contrast when LED Decor is placed on and LED Table at an event. Also, LED Eggs are a great way to light up the places that we often forget about as event planners (bathrooms, hallways, registration tables, driveways, etc.).

Who has it?

We do! Kettner Creative has one of the largest inventories of event lighting in Western Canada and we can provide our clients with some incredible LED furniture options, many of which are included in the photos above. Also, if you’re ever unsure about what you may need, you’re more than welcome to come visit our LED Furniture Showroom.

Kettner Creative is a full service audio visual (A/V) company located in Vancouver, BC. If you’re interested in our services for an upcoming event – Please contact us!