Inflatable Signage Ideas For Events

Vancouver Balloon Light

Event signage is both practical and creative. If you have a creative approach to the signage of your event it can leave a lasting impression on your guests while still providing the information that they are looking for. The key is to provide clear, concise signage directing your attendees and helping them find what they’re looking for.

Here are some of our creative ideas on how you can use inflatable signage at your upcoming event:

Inflatable Pillars

Inflatable Pillar Sign

Inflatable Pillars are upright canvas/vinyl pillars that are filled with air to help them stand up. You can print vinyl graphics on them to display a variety of media from sponsor logos, to schedules and more.

Inflatable pillars are at there best when they are put to work at events require signage during the day and during the night.

During the day the pillar offers a crisp, white background for your signage to be shown on. The high contrast will help your guests see the signage from far away and will be very useful.

At night, you can turn on the LED light that is inside the inflatable pillar. The LED light can be adjusted to almost any colour you can imagine. By having an internal light it will help you reinforce the branding of your event by lighting the signs with the colour that best represents your brand. It’s also worth noting that the internal light provides a pleasant amount of ambient light to help your guests navigate your event at night.  This is a major safety benefit for events that happen at night.

You can commonly find 9′ Inflatable Pillars and 12′ Inflatable Pillars at a variety of events throughout the year.

Inflatable Balloon Lights

Vancouver Balloon Light

Inflatable balloon lights are another great option for events. They are similar to Inflatable Pillars in the way that they are filled with air, but they have a much different shape and they have a much brighter light source in the centre of them.

There are several rigging options available for inflatable balloons:

  1. You can mount them on a stand as pictured on the right.
  2. You can rig them from the ceiling using the approved, included rigging
  3. You can get a helium version that requires a tether, and will float above your audience.

The signage capabilities of a Balloon Light are minimal compared to the inflatable pillar. Balloon lights often work better when they are given a single job of promoting a single logo or icon that is easy to understand. That being said, they have the ability to be a lot taller than the inflatable pillars. This means that if you’re a trade show vendor (for example), you can have your logo 16′ in the air so all of the trade show visitors see your logo in the hall at all times, no matter where they are. This is a massive advantage to anyone who is trying to gain extra exposure at events.

Balloon Lights are often found in driveways approaching the venue or scattered around the venue in such a way to provide a comfortable level of ambient light for your guests.

Most often you will see the 4.25′ Balloon Lights and 5.5′ Balloon Lights at events.

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