Event Filming & Video Switching

Event Videography

Are you looking to capture your upcoming event? Are you wanting to save the key moments from presentations, keynotes, and meeting sessions for future use? Kettner Creative offers live event filming, videography & video switching for all types of events in the Greater Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

Our team of experienced videographers is well equipped to bring videography services to your next event. Our event videography services include:

HD Recording, Same Day Edits

Let Kettner Creative capture your conference, event, meeting, training, or keynote sessions. Not only do we offer incredible HD quality, professional sound, and crisp, clear slides and demos, but unlike most video production firms, your video is ready the SAME DAY of your event.

Capture Video, Slides, Demos – Everything!

What’s the use of capturing your event if the slides are unreadable? At Kettner Creative, we capture everything, including the speaker, your slides, plus any videos or demos – all in clear, readable High Definition. We take care of your content, so that you have the best possible video, ready to go in no time at all.

Vancouver Event Video Options

  • Single camera event recording
  • Multi-camera event recording
  • Live event video switching
  • Camera crane / jib coverage
  • Dolly coverage
  • Steadicam coverage
  • Large video screen projection
  • Multi-screen projection

Types of Events That We Film

  • Conference event videography
  • Meeting event videography
  • Award gala event videography
  • Banquet dinner videography
  • Keynote speaker videography
  • Networking events videography
  • Product release videography
  • Tradeshow videography

Benefits of  recording video at your event

  • Share with attendees to reinforce their positive experience
  • Capture presentations for those who were unable to attend
  • Review footage to critique presentation style and professionalism
  • Use footage to create an event highlight video to use when promoting another event in the future.
  • Show live cameras at the front of the conference room
  • Stream a mixed presentation online including video feeds and powerpoint presentations.

To get a quote on adding video production and live mixing to your next event, please fill out the form on the right or phone us at 604-427-1629!